November 17, 2021

Why LVP is MVP

Unveiling the MVP: What Is LVP Flooring?

Today we are talking about one of the most desirable amenities included in every Red Door Homes home! You've probably already guessed it… LVP! :)


We could go on and on about our love for LVP, and we will, but first, let’s talk about what it is.


LVP (luxury vinyl flooring) is a beautiful, elegant, and affordable alternative to hardwood. It is made from layers of compressed luxury vinyl and is designed to imitate hardwood.


Now, onto the important stuff!


5 reasons LVP is the MVP of flooring


1.    It’s extremely water-resistant This one is a biggie! Unlike hardwood, moisture will not affect the durability or appearance of LVP. The materials this flooring is made of is designed to resist water rather than soaking it up!


LVP is an included amenity for all wet areas (Kitchen,Bathroom, and laundry room) in aRed Door Homesbuild. This means no extra cost!


2.    It’s extremely affordable- We love the price tag on LVP! As we stated above, it allows us to make it a standard amenity in all wet rooms. If you decide to place it in other rooms, it is a MUCH more affordable upgrade than hardwood.


3.    Durability- These floors were made for livin’! It doesn’t scratch, stain or dent easily. Also, It doesn’t absorb odors, which means it can be placed in any room- unlike hardwood!


4.    Easy to clean and maintain- Customers rave about this perk more than anything else! Run a Swiffer over it or vacuum and you are good! Dust does not show up as much on LVP, which is one reason it looks cleaner than hardwood. Also, LVP has a commercial grade protective wear layer that allows it to stay looking great for years.


5.    Variety in aesthetic (color, style, etc)- This one is what sets LVP apart from all the other imitators! The variety it offers is unparalleled. It can pass as hardwood, marble, stone, tile and more! The color options for each of these is abundant