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Creating Customers for Life

At Red Door Homes, we are creating customers for life. Our team recognizes that choosing a new home builder is a big decision. We are honored that you've come to us! From your first interaction with our sales team all the way to your final walk, we will provide you with an exceptional customer experience. As our customer, your service does not end at the sale, but cycles through each phase of your build. We're so excited to add you to our Red Door Homes Family. You're going to feel right at home!

The Final Walk is Your First Step

t's no secret that home building comes with its own set of twists and turns, but with Red Door Homes you can rest assured knowing that our team will be by your side every step of the way! Our Final Walk experience serves as the "grand finale" for our customers as our way of starting your time off in your new home in the best possible way. We can't wait to celebrate your final walk with you soon!

“Red Door’s final walks are not just a checklist at the end of a building project. Because of the relationship they build with the customer, the final walks are exciting and personalized to help you get to know your home…Since your house can’t, Red Door gives you that warm hug and “welcome home”!

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"Best part of Red Door from my point of view and my experience, was you…you understand the importance of customer service. Your job, like mine, is to please the client, meet and hopefully exceed expectations, and to anticipates needs in advance. It is customer service and you must have the heart of , dare I say it, a servant… Because whether people like the word or not, we are all servants to someone. Our home buying experience was changed when you got involved in the process. The updates were a delight and you responded appropriately and most importantly, promptly and with kindness, even when I was not pleased with something. You are the exception and you will do well. The personalized coasters were an extra special gift and I love them."

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"The one thing that initially drew us to Red Door Homes, that carried us through the inevitable challenges of building, that extended all the way to "Final Walk Day", that was the greatest single factor in our sense of satisfaction was the professional yet family-like friendliness, warmth, and top-notch customer service of the Red Door Staff. As a former business owner myself in a "customer experience" is everything industry, I get it. Everything from setting the right level of customer expectations to prompt communication and resolve problems or getting answers to those problems quickly is so very important. Building a house is stressful so feeling like there's someone who you can reach out to who treats you like family and is on a mission to make sure you get answers and are satisfied is a game changer. When problems come up, you don't feel like you have to go into battle you just have to call Cassy (: The "Final Walk" was the icing on the cake, so to speak. Everything I've previously mentioned led to this being such a happy, warm, personal experience. Having a few loose ends that still need to be fixed would have normally made me nervous. What if they drag their feet or don't do the work? But again, having that personal connection with the Red Door staff eases our minds. Being greeted at our door and knowing someone took the time to bring us thoughtful, personalized gifts made us feel special and relieved stress! For all these reasons, we are very satisfied with Red Door Homes.”

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“If I had to do it all over again, I would use Red Door Homes again. They strived to make sure we were happy and really made us part of their Red Door Home family throughout the build.”

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"We enjoyed our final walk through experience. We learned a lot about our new home and its utilities. We felt we were being given special treatment."

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Referrals Are Our Biggest Compliment

We appreciate your referrals! At Red Door Homes we recognize the trust you put in our hands when building your dream home. We want to celebrate your happiness by sharing the abundance with your friends and family.

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