May 09, 2023

What It’s Like to Work for the Best Builder in Alabama and Tennessee!

Working for the Best Home Builder in Alabama

Our Red Door Homes team is growing and we’re thrilled! Are you wondering why you should join the team? Read what our employees are saying!


Red Door Homes is the Best Place to Work

"I joined this team because I was inspired, nothing else mattered. I met people who made me want to be better, people who understood no matter how far I went, I was no never too experienced to learn. I have the support I’ve craved and the opportunity to grow. I am led by colleagues who asked me what I needed as a human ahead of what I needed as an employee in order to succeed."

- Dana -

"Red Door Homes is client-centric, and I have found that this is achieved by first being employee-centric. I love being able to work for a company that provides the tools to succeed. RDH provides a welcoming atmosphere and great opportunity to grow in the industry with a great team to support that growth."

- Alex -

"My favorite part about working for Red Door Homes is the people! Not only do we have some amazing customers, but our staff does an exceptional job at creating a positive and encouraging culture within the company."

- Morgan -

"I instantly clicked with our Sales and Marketing Manager … The entire interview process with her felt like a sign God was leading me to work for this amazing company. Red Door Homes offered me an opportunity to help families while also understanding I have a growing family of my own."

- Kelly Grace -

"The team that I work with-It's a very family oriented place! That's my favorite part. The team and the faith they had in me to "start from the ground up. Coming from an outside field, Red Door gave me a chance."

- Kevin - 

Red Door Homes Alabama Team


"I would have to say my favorite part of working for Red Door Homes is the people I work with. Everyone has been amazing and have made me feel welcome since I started. I was told when I started that the team was one big family and I definitely agree with that! I can see how much Red Door cares about the people they work with and build homes for. They are not just another number, but a friend."

- Angel -  

Red Door Homes strives to provide a work place that cultivates growth, development, and collaboration. We empower our employees along with our customers to build a future they can be proud of!

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