February 20, 2024

Custom Fireplaces

Embracing Your Homes Warmth

We love customizing fireplaces to match our customers dreams here at Red Door Homes! Whether your are building a Lexington, a Westmoreland, or an Arlington, a fireplace is a chance for you to express the hard work you have put into your life.

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"In the glow of the hearth, families find solace, the flickering flames a silent companion to shared stories and cherished moments, warming both body and soul against the chill of the world outside. Amidst the crackling of logs, they gather, finding in the fireplace's embrace a sanctuary where love burns brighter than the fire itself." - Traditional

Customizing a fireplace can involve several steps to match personal preferences and interior design themes. Begin by selecting the type of fireplace, whether it's a traditional wood-burning or gas, based on convenience and aesthetic appeal. Choose the material and style for the mantle and surround, such as sleek marble for a modern look or rustic stone for a more traditional feel. Consider adding built-in shelving or cabinets on either side for added functionality and visual interest. Finally, personalize the space with decorative elements like artwork, candles, or a decorative screen to enhance the ambiance. And don't forget, here at Red Door Homes, you can visit our showroom to get professional help with all these selections!

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